Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Genre/Form Headings for Moving Images

The OLAC LC Genre/Form Headings for Moving Images Best Practices Task Force has released a draft of the guidelines that it has been developing for public comment.
The guidelines are intended to supplement and be compliant with existing practices as well as provide examples of usage. In a few cases, notably the "nationality/language" genre section, we offer alternative (with appropriate local coding) options for access that we believe some libraries might find helpful. We also acknowledge that the LC Moving Image Genre/Form Heading world has been shifting under our feet as we have worked on these guidelines, and that a number of other groups are working on similar guidelines in other areas. Thus, these guidelines must be regarded as somewhat in flux. Most notably has LCs recent decision to separate out (and re-code in MARC) the genre/form terms from LCSH. Our examples as they currently stand do NOT reflect the new MARC coding of 655 7 $2. They will be edited to do so during the draft revision baring any reversals from LC. We are opening the draft for comments till July 23rd.

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