Thursday, July 08, 2010

Accurate Metadata Sells Books

Accurate Metadata Sells Books by Calvin Reid appears in a recent Publishers Weekly.
Now, Dawson said, accurate metadata has become a marketing tool for publishers, a shopping guide for consumers, and an absolute necessity for distributors and retailers. The growth of the importance of metadata, Dawson said, led to the creation of ONIX, or Online Information Exchange, an XML-based standardized format for transmitting information electronically. (XML, or extensible markup language, is a digital format that allows data to be easily reused in other forms.) XML software is said to be easy to use, inexpensive, and its tags or descriptions are easy for people, as well as machines, to read.
The metadata for ebooks is also important. Calibre, a popular ebook tool, uses metadata from LibraryThing. Libraries are in this, if not directly. OCLC has a service to enrich ONIX metadata with WorldCat information and authorities. The LibraryThing metadata can come from libraries.

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