Friday, July 02, 2010

Creating Linked Data

RDF graph for Eric Miller provided as an examp...Image via Wikipedia
The Nodalities blog has the post The Data Publishing Three-Step. Agree completely. Our cataloging already meets common standards, the resources for linking are becoming more common. For example, Ross Singer made this announcement yesterday.
I just wanted to let people know I've made the MARC codes for forms of musical compositions ( available as

They follow the same naming convention as they would in the MARC 008 or 047, so it's easy to map (that is, no lookup needed) from your MARC data:


The RDF is available as well:
Now all we have is the last step, just make it available.

One thing the Nodalities blog post neglects to mention is to use tools that make it simple. Druple now makes it very easy to create RDF. The lead article, Drupal: Semantic Web for the Masses in the Nodalities magazine covers that very nicely.

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