Friday, July 16, 2010

Google Buys Metaweb

Image representing Metaweb Technologies as dep...Image via CrunchBase
Google has bought Metaweb, the folks behind Freebase. This could be an important step on the way to a more semantic web.
In addition to our ideas for search, we’re also excited about the possibilities for Freebase, Metaweb’s free and open database of over 12 million things, including movies, books, TV shows, celebrities, locations, companies and more. Google and Metaweb plan to maintain Freebase as a free and open database for the world. Better yet, we plan to contribute to and further develop Freebase and would be delighted if other web companies use and contribute to the data. We believe that by improving Freebase, it will be a tremendous resource to make the web richer for everyone. And to the extent the web becomes a better place, this is good for webmasters and good for users.

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