Friday, October 08, 2010

Taxonomy Evaluation

Monte Carlo Study of Taxonomy Evaluation by Alexander Ulanov, Georgy Shevlyakov, Nikolay Lyubomishchenko, Pankaj Mehra, Vladimir Polutin might be of interest.
Ontologies are increasingly used in various fields such as knowledge management, information extraction, and the semantic web. However, it is useful to know the quality of a particular ontology before deployment, especially in the case when there are numbers of similar ones. Ontology evaluation is the problem of assessing a given ontology from the point of view of a particular criterion of application, typically in order to determine which of several ontologies would better suit a particular purpose. An ontology contains both taxonomic and factual information. Taxonomic information includes information about concepts and their association usually organized into a hierarchical structure. This paper addresses the evaluation of such taxonomies.

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