Saturday, November 27, 2010

Phone Apps

Since I asked for suggestions for a contact app for my Android phone it is only fair that I share the apps I use and find useful.
  • Key Ring. Scan your membership cards and have them in your phone. Prevents the Constanza Syndrome.
  • Light. Turns the whole screen white. Helpful for old tired eyes in dark pubs.
  • Memo. Just a very basic note taker.
  • Tripit. Pulls your confirmation notices from your email and presents the info in a timeline. It adds maps, weather. If you only travel a few times a year this is worth a download.
  • Ultimate Stopwatch. It has the countdown feature that I need for physical therapy.
OK, those are the ones I find very useful that are not obvious. I do have Twitter, Four Square, Flickr, Facebook and a slew of library apps.

I'd like to find a contact app as nice as my old Palm had. I'm also looking for a good backup app. Something that would copy my apps and data from from the phone/SIM card to the SD card.

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hma said...

I'm not sure what you mean by a contact app for android. I manage all my contacts through gmail -- the android phone book draws directly from there. They didn't set this up for you when you purchased? Or maybe you have something different in mind.