Monday, December 20, 2010

ePub Metadata

Epub-logo-color-bookImage via WikipediaIt seems those ePub books I've been downloading form Project Gutenberg have metadata. It is based on Dublin Core but does provide more specific terms for the creator. Talat Chaudhri at UKOLN writes about why ePub is of interest from the point of view of metadata and application profiles, in What is ePub?

Is anyone harvesting ePub metadata? It seems it would be trivial to provide OAI-PMH interface to ePubs.

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Talat said...

I don't know the answer to whether anybody is providing an OAI-PMH interface to ePub documents, although I'm likely to be able to get the answer from my colleague, I think. I will certainly follow it up, and I agree that it should be technically simple to achieve.

However, the domain of OAI-PMH is largely still repositories, and I doubt that there is yet sufficient ePub content in repositories to make the endeavour worthwhile. I would very much hope that this situation will change rapidly with the quite sudden growth in popularity of ebook readers, and I feel that the ePub format should be promoted within repositories as an alternative and/or adjunct to PDF.

Many thanks for your post. I hope that we're talking about an area that is about to see some rapid growth within the HE sector.