Monday, February 08, 2010

RDF, COinS and Microformats

At the closing session of Electronic Resources and Libraries 2010 I had the chance to ask Ross Singer and John Blyberg about the place of microformats and COinS in information organization. Ross had just finished speaking about the importance of linked data. As I recall John said that microformats, COinS and other semantic markup is important even if it lacks links. Providing a machine readable understanding of a text string is good, it can lead to links. Ross said, without links markup is useful today but not a way to move forward. It is a tool for today but not the future. RDFa is the way forward.

The talk was the end of an excellent conference. Well worth attending.

Bibliographic Ontology Specification

This morning DCMI tweeted about the Bibliographic Ontology Specification. New to me.
The Bibliographic Ontology describe bibliographic things on the semantic Web in RDF. This ontology can be used as a citation ontology, as a document classification ontology, or simply as a way to describe any kind of document in RDF. It has been inspired by many existing document description metadata formats, and can be used as a common ground for converting other bibliographic data sources.