Wednesday, February 24, 2010

D2D & Preservation

Here at the LPI we have a body of work, the abstracts for the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. It covers over 40 years of research, last year about 1,300 abstracts were accepted. They are on our website as PDFs. We would like to make these easily discovered and delivered and ensure their preservation, even if the LPI were to disappear. Where would be some places to include them to enhance discovery, delivery or ensure preservation?

So far CLOCKSS, GeoRef, Google Scholar, HathiTrust, LOCKSS, NASA Astrophysics Data Service, OAIster, Portico, Primo Central, and Summon have come to mind. Any place missing? Thanks.

Feb. 25. New publication about preservation, A Guide to Distributed Digital Preservation edited by Katherine Skinner and Matt Schultz.