Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mapping ONIX to MARC

Mapping ONIX to MARC is a new report from OCLC by Carol Jean Godby.
This report presents an interpretation of a crosswalk from ONIX for Books 2.1 to MARC 21 developed by OCLC and made publicly available from the OCLC Web site and EDItEUR.

This work represents a major upgrade in the statement of how data for bibliographic description can be exchanged between two standards that are widely used in the library and publishing communities. The discussion considers practical outcomes and identifies theoretical and conceptual issues that will inform the next major revision of this strategically important relationship.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Omeka Version 1.2

The Center for History and New Media, George Mason University has announced the release of Omeka version 1.2
Omeka version 1.2 includes following features and plug-ins:
  • Four themes that are easy to adapt with simple CSS changes and theme configuration
  • Exhibit Builder plugin with 12 page layouts and 5 exhibit themes
  • Tagging for items and exhibits
  • RSS feeds for items
  • COinS plug-in making items readable by Zotero
  • SimplePages plugin for easily making static pages

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Technical Services: Past, Present, Future Audio

The subject catalogue ("Schlagwortkatalog...Image via Wikipedia

The transcript and audio recordings of the 2010 ALISE Technical Services Education SIG program "Technical Services: Past, Present, Future" featuring Michael Gorman, Janet Swan Hill, and Arlene Taylor are now available.

The panel responds to the questions:

“Where were you working?/What were you doing during the transition between the ALA‐LC cataloging rules and AACR1, and/or the transition between AACR1 and AACR2?” “What worked well during this transition?” “What are some of the mistakes that cataloging/technical services should avoid in the transition from AACR2 to RDA?”‐ Resource Description and Access, by the way. I’m assuming most of you hopefully know that. And then the second question, “How can cataloging/technical services better collaborate with other stakeholders, such as fellow faculty members, other departments in the library, and the libraries and vendors, for example, as we transition from AACR2 to RDA?”

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Working with MaRC

Working with MaRC is a new wiki to record MARC tools. Know of a MARC tool? Add it to the list.

PNLA Quarterly

A couple of articles of possible interest in the latest PNLA Quarterly.

Next-generation Policy for WorldCat Records - Open for Community Review

Image representing OCLC as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

News from OCLC.

The OCLC Record Use Policy Council members have been working for the past few months to develop the next generation of a WorldCat use policy, and we are pleased to announce that the draft document, WorldCat Rights and Responsibilities for the OCLC Cooperative, is open for community review.

This Council, convened by the OCLC Board of Trustees last September, has produced a new draft document that incorporates many suggestions raised by the community over the past year. For example, rather than using legal language, we have drafted the new policy as a code of good practices, intended to outline the rights and responsibilities of OCLC members with regard to the use of WorldCat records.

We intend for this document to help inform the decision-making process for member library leaders as they seek to innovate around the shared resource that is WorldCat. We have sought to encourage the widespread use of WorldCat data while also supporting the viability and utility of WorldCat and the OCLC network of services.

The draft policy is not final. Between now and the end of May, we very much want your feedback. We hope you will take the time to review the draft policy carefully, and let us know your thoughts. You can post comments to the community forum, send an e-mail with your thoughts to, or register to attend a webinar where you can ask questions and submit feedback to members of the Record Use Policy Council. We will continue to add content to the accompanying FAQas we get more questions from the community review process.

We plan to send a revised version of the draft policy to the OCLC Board of Trustees at the end of May for final review and approval. We anticipate that a final document will be published mid-calendar year 2010.

Standardized Markup for Journal Articles Teleconference

News from NISO about their teleconference on the work of NISO's Standardized Markup for Journal Articles Working Group
Please mark your calendars to attend NISO's upcoming free monthly teleconference call, to be held on Monday, April 12, 2010 from 3-4 p.m. (eastern) to learn about the work of NISO's Standardized Markup for Journal Articles Working Group. This group is developing a standard  based on the currently existing National Library of Medicine (NLM) Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite. Join guest speaker Jeff Beck (Technical Information Specialist, National Center for Biotechnology Information [NCBI], U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health), co-chair of the working group, to learn more about this developing standard and its progress.

This Open Teleconference conversation is part of an ongoing series of month calls held on the second Monday of each month as a way to keep the community appraised of NISO's activities. It also provides an opportunity for you to provide feedback to NISO on our activities or make suggestions about new activities we should be engaging in. See the full list of 2010 calls at

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Directions in Metadata with Karen Coyle

Directions in Metadata with Karen Coyle from ALA Publishing on Vimeo.


Watch WorldCat grow. Every eight seconds, or so, another record appears. might make for an interesting screen saver, if the text block would move about the screen.