Friday, November 05, 2010

IFLA Cataloguing Section

The IFLA Cataloguing Section's meeting report from the conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, in August is now available online.

Questionnaire for U.S. Individuals/Libraries Who Want to Comment on RDA

LC wants your comments on RDA.
The U.S. RDA Test Coordinating Committee would welcome comments from individuals or libraries in the U.S. who are not formal or informal Test participants, whether they did or did not create RDA records.

The Committee has designed an online questionnaire available at URL Note that the questionnaire is designed primarily to accept comments about the experiences of creating catalog records using the RDA instructions and of using RDA records in a catalog but record creation is not a requirement for filling out the survey.

If you are a formal US RDA Test participant and have submitted other surveys for the Test, please do not use the Informal US RDA Testers Questionnaire.

MARC Tools

PTFS has released some Open Source MARC Utilities Tools.
PTFS has released its MARC Utilities - Metadata Converter, for the conversion of MARC records in batch mode to other metadata formats including Dublin Core and XML.

The MARC Utilities is a self-contained executable program which offers an array of catalog tools to manage, convert and analyze MARC-based data. It is written in Perl-TK, and is a great add-on to any MARC cataloger's (or database administrator's) toolset.