Thursday, November 11, 2010

VRA Core Schemas now Hosted by Library of Congress

News from LC.
The VRA Core is a data standard for the description of works of visual culture as well as the images that document them. The standard is now being hosted by the Network Development and MARC Standards Officeof the Library of Congress (LC) in partnership with the Visual Resources Association . VRA Core’s schemas and documentation are now accessible at while user support materials, such as VRA Core examples, FAQs and presentations, will continue to be accessible at

In addition, a new listserv has been created called The Core List ( The Core List is an unmoderated computer forum that allows users of the VRA Core community to engage in a mutually supportive environment where questions, ideas, and tools can be shared. The Core List is operated by the Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office. Users may subscribe to this list by filling out the subscription form at the VRACORE Listserv site

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Space Science Workshop for Nebraska and Kansas Librarians

Public library staff in Nebraska and Kansas who serve 9-13-year-olds are invited to join us for a free NASA-supported workshop. The two-day training features our Explore! module about Jupiter and NASA's upcoming Juno mission.

Space is limited. Register by December 17, 2010.

NASA Space Science Workshop: Explore! Jupiter's Family Secrets
Grand Island, Nebraska
February 16-17, 2011

Explore! Jupiter’s Family Secrets will acquaint you with Jupiter and NASA’s upcoming Juno mission to discover clues about our solar system’s common history. Scientists and educators from NASA and the Lunar and Planetary Institute will share space science information, resources, hands-on activities, and demonstrations developed specifically for you to infuse into your programs with youth ages 9 to 13 and their families.

The workshop is free. A $200 stipend is available for 20 participants to offset travel costs for those traveling from beyond a 50-mile radius of the workshop location. A stipend request form will be emailed to participants on a first-come-first-accepted basis.