Thursday, January 27, 2011

Help Protect Statewide Library Programs

Take action.
Budget Proposal Demolishes State Funding for Libraries

The State’s budget proposals for 2012-13 affect our statewide library programs. The budgets ELIMINATE Loan Star Libraries (direct aid grants to public libraries), all state funding for TexShare databases; the K-12 Database program, the Library System Negotiated Grants Program, state funding for consulting services to libraries (program/staff based at the agency), state funding for records management, and assumes an overall loss of over $8 million in IMLS funds. This federal funding is the source of funding for the regional library systems, the TANG program, and interlibrary loan. The budget futher eliminates the Technology Allotment at TEA and entire State Law Library.

This budget shows a 99% decrease in state funding for statewide local library aid programs and a 93% state cut to library resource sharing programs at the State Library. We must not let this stand. Please contact elected officials right now and let the know of the negative impact to our communities if state funding to library programs is cut.

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