Friday, January 07, 2011

Hosted ILS

Any vendors reading this? If so MPOW, The Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI), is considering a hosted solution for our catalog.

The LPI is a non-profit research center. We are eligible for GSA pricing. The Library contains about 25,000 titles and 65,000 items records. There about about 25,000 authority records. We have about 300 card-holders.

If your company has a SaaS ILS, and I've not yet contacted you, please send me information.

If anyone is showing their product at the Texas Library Conference I'd like to examine it there and talk to you in-person.

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Unknown said...

Hi, Mary Garcia from Access Innovations, Inc. Our company president is at the ALA meeting in San Diego at the moment; none of us will be at the Texas meeting. We do have an XML DB product that might work very well for you; we maintain a 400,000+ educational media directory in it at the moment with about 40 fields available per record. A few are required, and one does automatic tagging. Some have picklists; a few take only date or currency format; others are free form. Get an idea about the content at Or contact me at and I'll give you more details and we can arrange a trial of the XIS software.
Mary Garcia