Thursday, January 27, 2011


An interesting tool from OCLC research, MapFAST now has a RESTful interface.
The Web Service underlying the mapFAST map demo is now available for public use. Developers can use this Web Service to develop their own applications to discover FAST headings near a geographic coordinate location.

MapFAST is a mashup prototype that uses a Google Maps interface to present FAST Geographic authority records. The prototype presents a different way to look at subject access to bibliographic records. It also demonstrates a strength of the subject faceting approach of FAST over coordinated subject headings.

The Web Service uses the RESTful standard. It takes the chosen geographic coordinates and returns a list of FAST record headings. Additional information from the FAST authority records is also returned, including alternate forms of the heading and the type of geographic feature the heading represents, such as a populated place or a mountain. Selected FAST Event Headings that can be geographically located are also returned in the list. The returned headings are listed in order of how close they are to the requested location.
OCLC Research has some very sharp, innovative people working there.

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