Friday, December 23, 2011

Additions to Source Codes for Vocabularies, Rules, and Schemes

The source code listed below has been recently approved. The code will be added to the applicable Source Codes for Vocabularies, Rules, and Schemes list. See the specific source code list for current usage in MARC fields and MODS/MADS elements.

The code should not be used in exchange records until 60 days after the date of this notice to provide implementers time to include the newly-defined code in any validation tables. Subject Heading and Term Source Codes

The following source code has been added to the Subject Heading and Term Source Codes list for usage in appropriate fields and elements.

Norske tidsskrifter 1700-1820: emneord (Oslo: Nasjonalbiblioteket)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

MARBI Paper Available for Review

A logo of the Unites States Library of Congres...Image via WikipediaProposal 2012-01: New Data Elements in the MARC 21 Bibliographic and Authority Formats for Medium of Performance.
As noted in Discussion Paper 2011-DP05, medium of performance is a critical piece of information for music retrieval. Following current LCSH practice, catalogers assign subject headings which often combine genre/form and medium information into a single heading. As work continues on developing Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Library and Archival Materials (LCGFT), it has become clear that medium of performance vocabulary is out of scope for LCGFT and is a separate facet in its own right. The ability to move forward on implementing music terms in LCGFT is dependent on finding a place in the MARC Formats to accommodate medium of performance data in a separate field.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Information Standards Quarterly

The latest issue of the Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) is now available. Articles include:
  • Staff Cost Savings from Implementing the NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol (NCIP) by Mary E. Jackson
  • Scholarly iQ and SUSHI: A Case Study by Gary Van Overborg, John Milligan, and Michael Lee
  • Implications for a Medium-Sized Publisher in Using SERU: A Shared Electronic Resource Understanding by Mary E. Marshall
  • Innovation and Standardization: Friends not Foes by John Sack
  • NISO Launches Two New Initiative to Develop Standards and Recommended Practices: Digital Bookmarking and Annotation Sharing and Open Discovery Initiative by Nettie Lagace

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

MARC Tool is a PERL tool for analyzing MARC records.
The Library of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross delivers an open source utility for analyzing MARC ISO2709 bibliographic records. is a Perl script to filter or count bibliographic records based on condition built upon tag name, indicators, subfield, field value (or tag, positions, value for control fields 00x).

Functional Requirements for Sharing Tag Data

TagCommons has the Functional Requirements for Sharing Tag Data.
The TagCommons effort is operating something like a software project. The process is very lightweight, but has an important step that is often forgotten in discussions about ontologies and formats: for what purposes are we designing this? These days, a good way to look at functional requirements for software is to identify use cases and then derive engineering requirements. This was the first outcome of the working group, and the results are summarized here. We will describe the use cases first and then the requirements.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Basic Group 1 entities and relations of the FR...Image via WikipediaThe latest issue of SCATNews is now available. It is the newsletter of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Cataloguing Section. News from the US, China, Japan, etc. Articles like "FRBR and Linked Data at the French National Library" and "The Principles on Open Bibliographic Data."