Thursday, January 19, 2012

Names in RDA

Help get the NACO/LC Authority File ready for RDA.
The Acceptable Headings Implementation Task Group has been established by the Program for Cooperative Cataloging to develop an implementation plan for preparing the LC/NACO authority file for RDA. The work of this group is largely based on the report of an earlier PCC Task Group; this group recommended a series of mechanical operations designed to make as many of the records in the LC/NACO authority file as useful as possible under RDA without individual review. The present group is exploring each of the changes suggested by the first group in detail, and fitting each into a proposed schedule.

The group has created a Facebook page as one means for communication between the group and the larger community:!/pages/PCC-Acceptable-Headings-Implementation-Task-Group/232585923488557 We invite comments on our work, but ask that comments follow the guidelines found in the “Info" section of this page. THE INFO SECTION describes the Group's activities, including the broad areas in which the group is interested in receiving comments and those areas not in the Group's charge in which the group is not interested in receiving comments.

The group has already drafted several documents. These documents may be found at the Group's download site (and they are also available from the Facebook page):
  • a document describing a phased implementation of the suggested changes
  • a discussion of the issues involved in the handling of subfield $c in personal names
  • a discussion of the suppression (or otherwise) of 4XX fields for AACR2 forms of name
The Group is in the midst of drafting a series of documents describing the stages in which this work should be performed, and the details involved in the work. These documents will also be posted to the Group's download site, and notices of the postings placed on the Facebook page. The Group is actively soliciting volunteers interested in assisting the Group in its work. These tasks will include the review of long lists of changed headings for correctness.

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