Monday, March 12, 2012

Map Scale

When trying to find scale on maps I've used the Natural Scale ruler, for years. OCLC users have an alternative, the CalcScale macro.
How it works: The macro presents a dialog box in which to enter the two numbers of the ' scale ratio (including decimals, if necessary) and their corresponding units of length. ' It then calculates and displays the representative fraction, putting the denominator on ' the clipboard so it can be pasted into the 034 field if desired. As it is designed to ' be used for scales on maps, the unit of length of the first number is only inches or ' centimeters (i.e., it is not a general-purpose unit converter).
Added on Pi Day. Just was alerted to another tool, Scale Finder.
Scale Finder converts linear scales to representative fractions and vice-versa. It is an invaluable tool for cataloguers and map users and is free to non-commercial users.

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