Friday, June 29, 2012

Jessamyn West Podcasts

Jessamyn West, always articulate and worth a listen has been on a couple of podcasts recently. I've been meaning to post this but she made it easy for me.
I was interviewed by Steve Thomas for his Circulating ideas podcast a few weeks ago and interviewed by Kayhan B., Erin Anderson and Doug Mirams for their Bibliotech podcast a week earlier. I don’t listen to many professional-type podcasts but both of these conversations were a really good chance to talk over some of the issues facing the profession today in addition to just me going “bla bla…” about myself. Both shows have had a host of other guests and I’ve been digging around in the archives finding other stuff to listen to. If you’re podcast-oriented, these are two shows to put in regular rotation.
I do listen to podcasts, as I drive to work, and both of these are both on my podcatcher.

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