Tuesday, August 07, 2012

DBpedia 3.8 Released

News from the DBpedia folks.
The most important improvements of the new release compared to DBpedia 3.7 are:
  1. the new release is based on updated Wikipedia dumps dating from late May / early June 2012.
  2. the DBpedia ontology is enlarged and the number of infobox to ontology mappings has risen.
  3. the DBpedia internationalization has progressed and we now provide localized versions of DBpedia in even more languages.
The English version of the DBpedia knowledge base currently describes 3.77 million things, out of which 2.35 million are classified in a consistent Ontology, including 764,000 persons, 573,000 places (including 387,000 populated places), 333,000 creative works (including 112,000 music albums, 72,000 films and 18,000 video games), 192,000 organizations (including 45,000 companies and 42,000 educational institutions), 202,000 species and 5,500 diseases.

We provide localized versions of DBpedia in 111 languages. All these versions together describe 20.8 million things, out of which 10.5 mio overlap (are interlinked) with concepts from the English DBpedia. The full DBpedia data set features labels and abstracts for 10.3 million unique things in 111 different languages; 8.0 million links to images and 24.4 million HTML links to external web pages; 27.2 million data links into external RDF data sets, 55.8 million links to Wikipedia categories, and 8.2 million YAGO categories. The dataset consists of 1.89 billion pieces of information (RDF triples) out of which 400 million were extracted from the English edition of Wikipedia, 1.46 billion were extracted from other language editions, and about 27 million are data links into external RDF data sets.

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