Friday, November 16, 2012

NISO's ResourceSync Initiative Teleconference

NISO teleconference.
NISO will hold its next open teleconference in our monthly series this coming Monday, November 19th at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

The topic for the November call will be the ResourceSync initiative, which is a joint NISO and Open Archives Initiative (OAI) project to research, develop, prototype, test, and deploy mechanisms for the large-scale synchronization of web resources. More information on this Working Group can be found at

ResourceSync builds on the OAI-PMH strategies for synchronizing metadata; this project will enhance that specification using modern web technologies, and will allow for the synchronization of the objects themselves, not just their metadata. The Web is highly dynamic, with resources continuously being created, updated, deleted, and moved. Web applications that leverage third party resources face the challenge of keeping in step with this rate of change. Many such applications are not concerned with accurate coverage of a server's resources or consider delays in reflecting changes acceptable. In these cases, alignment with the dynamics of a remote server is commonly achieved by optimizing web crawling and resource discovery mechanisms, for example through scheduling crawls based on change frequency prediction. However, there are significant use cases that require more real-time and accurate synchronization.

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