Thursday, December 06, 2012

OLAC 2014

OLAC is looking for a host for the 2014 conference.
The Board of OLAC is now accepting proposals to host the 2014 OLAC Conference. If you are interested, please read the summary of guidelines below and at:

According to our practice of varying the geographical region of the host city, the 2014 conference should be held somewhere in the Midwest.

Hosting an OLAC conference is:
  • Detail-oriented: perfect for catalogers
  • A great way to meet very interesting people
  • If you’re going to organize a conference, this is a great one to organize, because OLAC is relatively small and very friendly
  • The OLAC board offers LOTS of support (some call it hand-holding)
  • You get to spend money that isn’t yours—but you do have to spend it on the conference
  • You get to tour hotels and make menu choices
  • If you are shy, you get to adopt the more comfortable role of host
  • You will be popular—people will gravitate towards you to ask questions—but you do have to solve problems, too
  • You will make new friends and meet possible collaborators
  • It looks great on your resume!
We look forward to hearing from interested parties, and to receiving proposals no later than January 18, 2013.

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