Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Subject Heading Change

Looking at the Library of Congress Subject Headings Approved List 06, 2012 it seems that the heading:


is changing to:


This means lots of headings are changing since this is a broader term for many more specific headings.

Cherokee Romanization Table Approved

News from LC.
The ALA-LC Romanization tables are developed jointly by the Library of Congress (LC) and the American Library Association (ALA). Romanization schemes enable the cataloging of foreign language materials. Romanized cataloging in turn supports circulation, acquisitions, serials check-in, shelflisting, shelving, and reference, particularly in library catalogs that are unable to display non-roman alphabet information.

The ALCTS Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA) recently reviewed and approved a proposal from LC for a new Cherokee romanization table. It has been subsequently approved by the Cherokee Tri-Council meeting in Cherokee, North Carolina. (Press coverage of the meeting is available online.) This is the first ALA-LC romanization table for a Native American syllabary.

The Cherokee romanization table is now available for downloading from the ALA-LC Romanization Tables webpage.

Phase 1 of the PCCAHITG Phased Implentation of RDA

News about name authority records.
The PCC Acceptable Headings Implementation Task Group (PCCAHITG) has successfully tested the programming code for Phase 1 in preparation for the LC/PCC Phased Implementation of RDA as described in the document entitled The phased conversion of the LC/NACO Authority File to RDA found at the Task Group's page.

Changes to name authority records (NARs) that are not susceptible to a mechanical change under Phase 2 will have a 667 note aded to them with the statement:


Some other enhancements will be made, when applicable, if the record is being updated to add the note (e.g., 046 fields are added to records for persons when the information is available).

If a record is a candidate for a mechanical change in Phase 2, no note will be added to the record during Phase 1.

The records will be changed in the LC/NACO master file at the Library of Congress and the daily distribution to the other NACO nodes will begin no earlier than July 30, 2012 with an initial distribution of no more than 30,000 records per day. Please note that this increase is in addition to the normal daily exchange with the LC/NACO partners that as a consequence will result in larger weekly distribution loads for subscribers to the MARC Distribution Service Name Authorities database. The daily updates will continue until approximately 420,000 records have been distributed. Lessons learned regarding distibution of changed records during this phase will inform the PCCAHITG as they plan for the handling of Phase 2.