Monday, March 18, 2013

A formal ontology for historical maps

A formal ontology for historical maps by Eleni Gkadolou and Emmanuel Stefanakis was presented at the 26th International Cartographic Conference, August 25 –30, 2013,Dresden, Germany.
Historical maps are a major component of our scientific and cultural heritage collections. Apart from the aesthetic value of the artifacts, maps also deliver valuable historical and geographic information. In order to use the historical cartographic information effectively, the semantic documentation of maps becomes a necessity and ontologies are suggested to achieve this. This paper examines how the top level ontology CIDOC-CRM “handles” historical maps and presents a formal description of the “Carte de la nouvelle frontière Turco-Grecque”, a map attached to the Convention of Constantinople that set the borderlines between Greece and Ottoman Empire in 1881.

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