Friday, February 22, 2013

eXtensible Catalog Drupal Toolkit

News from the eXtensible Catalog project.
I happily announce, that after several months of development the eXtensible Catalog Drupal Toolkit 1.3 is just released.

The eXtensible Catalog Drupal Toolkit is the front end of eXtensible Catalog (XC) built on Drupal content management system. It contains a set of 25 Drupal modules, a custom theme, and installation profile, and a customized Apache Solr search engine. XC is a discovery interface built on FRBR and RDA-like metadata structure.

The release has a primary focus on data integrity, namely being able to successfully process record updates on a schedule basis. This includes new additions, updates and deletions of records. This release includes some Solr integrity fixes submitted by Kyushu University. The installation process for release 1.3 has also been reworked to include an implementation option using Drush that makes the installation substantially easier. If you have drush, the whole installation is only 4 steps.

We also created a custom Solr package which is pre-configured to the needs of the Drupal Toolkit.

You can find the installation instructions and release notes here:

I hope you will find it useful. Now we are working hard on creating the first stable release of the Drupal 7 version. Any comments, suggestion and feedback are more than useful. You can find all the project's issue tracker here:

The eXtensible Catalog project's website is available at

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Problems with Library Catalogs

Catalog Matters Podcast no. 18: Problems with Library Catalogs by James Weinheimer is available.
In the last episode, I provided some examples of how people want to manipulate data instead of plowing their way through masses of printed text but I went on to express my doubts that the information in catalog records is actually the type of information that most people want to manipulate. I would like to continue that discussion.