Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Open Publication Distribution System

Well, I'm back to the weblog again because an idea has taken hold of me. I recently became aware of Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) Catalog format, a syndication format for e-pubs based on Atom & HTTP. It is something like an RSS feed for e-books. People are using it to find and acquire books. It sounds like a natural fit for library digitization projects. An easy way for folks to know what's new and grab a copy if they like.

So is anyone using this? Is it built into Omeka, Greenstone, DSpace or any of our tools? If you do use it do you have separate feeds for different projects. Say, one for dissertations, another for the local history project and another for books by state authors. Or do you have just one large feed? Is it being used by the DPLA or Internet Archive? How's it working for you?

We have plenty of documents we have scanned as well as our own publications. Might this be a good way to make them more discoverable?